Friday, May 21, 2010

The Lilac Festival and Festival Food!

If you have ever lived in Western NY then you know the winters here are a little brutal. This past Winter was not so bad compared to some of our neighboring cities here in the North East. Nonetheless, we're all glad it's over and the summer is nearing.  When Spring approaches, we open our arms to welcome, the Lilac Festival.

After growing up in NYC, I knew I never wanted to leave because after all, NYC is the best place on earth. However... however, I moved to Rochester, NY and fell in love. A different kind of love. A love that I know I cannot experience in NYC. And that is because of the amazing scenery and greenery.

Many people have a misconception that anywhere outside of NYC is just grass and cows (I was also one of those people). Contrary to popular belief, everything I need is a 5-10 minute drive away, highways are easily accessible, there are lots of international restaurants, extremely affordable rent, and I never have to wait in line at the department stores :) NYC will always be home to me, but I must say, as you get older, different things become important, and being able to afford a comfortable lifestyle is one of them. Bottom line people: I love Rochester!! (well mainly in the Fall, Spring, and Summer). So this post is me thanking Rochester for the beautiful Lilac Festiva and the Funnel Cake of course because that's what festivals are all about right?

Trust me you don't want to scroll down....
Can you see all that powdered sugar? Jesus.

Yea...almost gone.
I would never take part in such crimery! (I know its not a word)

Well, you've already met Inga. Meet Connie (center) and Melissa (right)

Rochester’s Lilac Festival began in 1898 when 3000 people, dressed in their Victorian best, gathered on a Sunday in May to stroll among the Lilacs in Highland Park. Within 10 years, Lilac Sunday was attracting 25,000. Today, this family-oriented event extends to 10 days and attracts more than a half million people.  Highland Park was established in 1888 and designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the landscape architect who designed New York’s Central Park. The Park now boasts the largest collection of lilacs in the world, with 1200 bushes representing 500 varieties of lilacs.

He looked lonely, I think he deserves a picture :)

Thank you Rochester for the beautiful Lilacs!

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  1. I want to be there right now eating all of that!! Yum :) I love a good festival.