Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FREE Pine Tart T-shirt Giveaway!

Wear your pine tart and eat it too.  Yes friends, anything is possible these days, especially when we are so lucky and blessed so have such brilliant and creative minds in our community like Am Bacchus and David Shaw who are the creators of the design on this shirt (and many other shirts which you will soon learn of).  Am and David are the visionaries behind the popular West Indian comic strip, Hot Peppa Sauce and we have teamed up to offer you a shirt and a recipe, all for free!  This shirt comes in men's and women's sizes along with a variety of colors to choose from.

Am and David work hard behind the scenes to provide us with a giggle, a really loud laugh, and a place that we can culturally identify with.  Am is the imaginative and creative element, while David offers his technical skills to make sure everything works the way it should.  These guys do what they do because they have a passion and appreciation for our culture and they enjoy sharing it with the rest of us.  Check out www.hotpeppasauce.net to learn more about what Am and David are working on to help keep smiles on all of our faces and have a pine tart or two while you read their comics :)

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3. Answer the following question in the comments section of this post: 

What is your favorite memory that involves pine tarts?

1. Only one entry per person.
2. Winner will be selected using a random comment generator/picker.
3. Winner will be announced on Friday, October 5th, 2012

Good Luck! 

Here are two of my favorite comic strips from Hot Peppa Sauce!


  1. My favorite memory of pine tarts is when I made them for the first time on my own. I was about 13. All the aunties, uncles and cousins still talk about how good they were on to this day! thanks for the chance to win that awesome shirt. I liked both pages on Facebook as well :)

  2. My fave memory is heating up a pine tart in the microwave and burning my tongue as the exterior was warm but the filling was piping hot. You know that feeling when you severely burn the tip of your tongue....it was sheer greed!

  3. First and foremost I have to say I found this site randomly a couple months back and loved it and now its associated with my fave comic...sweet in more ways than one!

    My favourite memory stems from being a child; my cousin Veda (RIP) made the BEST pinetarts ever! My dad especially agrees! I used to pull up a chair to the counter and watch her roll out the dough...she'd give me a piece of dough to play with, like my mom did when making bread. Everytime she would visit us from the states she'd send a tin of them for my dad wrapped up in wax paper. Well, I decided to take on the challenge since she passed and experimented with different kinds of dough. I tried a flaky pie dough recipe and it failed...the dough puffed so much that the tarts exploded and opened like a flower when they were baked. My dad said I should try again...but he also ate about 6 of my pinetart flowers that night! =D (there's pictures on my facebook!)

  4. My favorite memory of pine tarts was when I was a child and was living in Guyana. Almost every Sunday morning, my mother and I would watch for the travelling baker (cute little old lady) to come down our street. As soon as we saw a short woman with a straw basket strapped to her head, we instantly knew we had to get our treats! My mother would buy pine tarts, beef patties, and red coconut rolls and they were absolutely delicious! I can still remember the smells and tastes of the warm pastries hitting my lips on the very first bite. Her pine tarts were always perfect, with a hint of sweet and sour fruit in a flaky pastry. *Drool*

  5. My cousin used to make the best pine tarts ever. The pastry was perfect and the filling was never too sweet. She made them for every occasion and it was always my fav part of every family gathering.

    Sadly, after a long battle with mental illness (a issue that plagues the WI community but is rarely spoken of) and other related health issues, she passed away last year. She left behind 2 beautiful daughter, with whom I love to cook and bake with now....we call it "kitchen chat"...time to talk and cook/bake. Maybe for our next kitchen chat, we will make pine tarts. :)

  6. My Fav memory... waking up to the sweet buttery smell of some thing baking the oven... I'd run over to the kitchen in a rush to see which delicious treat Shes whipped up this time.. I would be grinning from ear to ear when I sneak a peak in the oven and find those ever so slightly golden, flakey triangles... of course.. pine Tart! (However I'd get yelled at for opening the oven-letting out the heat.. while being told. "Yah noze too lang" lol.

  7. Hmm, we used to get them off of good old Liberty Ave as a kid in New York and I remember not being a fan of the store bought ones. Mom decided that she'd start making them and I remember the scent wafting in from the kitchen -- that delicious pineapple goodness. Having the fresh out of the stove was magical then as it still is now.

    I may be old but that will not stop me from trying to run off with pine tarts that are fresh out of the stove when I visit my parents.

  8. My favourite memory is helping my mom in the kitchen and sneaking little spoons of pineapple jam in my mouth when shes not looking! The smell when there baking makes me so hungry that when they came out of the oven, i wouldn't let them cool. I'd eat them up and burn up my mouth, but i just had to have them!

    Elicia- Toronto

  9. First off, I am whiter than white rice. Like, generations of every Western European white clan you can think of. But my husband's parents are both from Guyana, though they met and married here. My best memory of pine tarts? A tough choice between the very first time I heard of pine tarts. My tastebuds were decidedly planted firmly on the bland upbringing of my youth, and I had a hard time adjusting to my then-boyfriend's mother's cooking. (What's this? Chicken with bones and skin?! Eat with your hands?!?!) I literally thought that when I was being offered a pine tart that it was going to be some kind of muffin-shaped pastry filled with either evergreen needles and God-knows-what-else, or it was going to have the sap from the tree involved in it's creation, somehow.

    The second one..."Ma" makes three things amazingly well: Paratha Roti, Cheese Rolls and Pine Tarts. The latter two she makes at the same time, every time. If she's invited somewhere, you're guaranteed to get a heaping plate of cheese rolls and pine tarts, wrapped in paper towels. But in our family, the pine tarts are the last to go; everyone goes crazy for the cheese rolls. At one gathering a few years ago, my husband suggested to his mom that she forget about making pine tarts, and just stick with the cheese rolls. So, one day she did just that. And you know what? Everyone missed the pine tarts. Because after the salt and spice from the cheese roll, we all look forward to the sweet, mellow, familiar flavour from the pine tart.

    I just recently found your blog, and started pinning recipes, since my cooking lessons from ma aren't going as well, or happening as quickly, as I'd like. I'd love to win the shirt and surprise her with it!

  10. Pine Tart, fresh out the oven. plain simple honest

  11. My Favorite memory is, eating chocolate and ice cream or cake when every one not near by kitchen, i love to steal food from kitchen and eat it like thieves.

    Alvano @ Gildan T Shirts Anb

  12. My siblings and I are born in Canada but our parents were born in Guyana and we have been lucky enough to get treated with many authentic Guyanese dishes. Every year at Christmas my Mother would make pine tarts and it was a battle against siblings and many cousins to get to the pine tarts. One year, my Brother actually took the entire tin and hid it - which we realized when we found the empty container hidden in the bathroom. Now I live on the other side of Canada from my entire family. Every year, my husband, kids and I look forward to the tin that comes in the mail, wrapped in duct tape, and filled with individually wrapped pine tarts. So I sit and giggle thinking of them all still fighting for pine tarts while I get to enjoy my very own tin! (Yes, I SOMETIMES share with my kids too;). This year, I'm going to attempt to make my own. Wish me luck! Happy Christmas!